iTunes to Nook HD, play iTunes movies on Nook HD freely

Nook HD is perfect for e-textbooks. It has expandable storage, and is compatible with more file formats. The HD screen looks awesome, and the price is icing on the cake. Also, the fact that the Nook HD+ weighs 515 grams vs. 400 grams for the old 7-inch Nook tablet is impressive, given its 9-inch screen with 256 ppi and a larger battery. How to play iTunes on Nook HD? Many people want to download movies to Nook HD form iTunes. But Nook HD can’t play iTunes video. iTunes video format is M4V, Nook HD only support MP4 and AVI format playback. And iTunes video files were protected by DRM. So, you have to remove DRM protection and convert iTunes M4V to Nook HD MP4. Media converter is the best iTunes to Nook HD converter. With this Nook HD iTunes Converter, you will enjoy all purchased iTunes movies on Nook HD.

Free download and trial Media Converter.

How to play iTunes movies on Nook HD? Below is the guide.

Step 1: Load iTunes movies

Run iTunes to Nook HD Converter, click “Add File…” to load iTunes movies in to Nook HD iTunes Converter.

Step 2: Choose output video format

Which format is the best video format for Nook HD? Here, you can choose MP4. This format is the common video. Choose output video format-common Video>MP4 Video (AVC) by click video column under “Video files to”.

Step 3: Video settings

Click “Settings”, you can change the video and audio parameter. Here, you can input “1440*900 (7-inch Nook HD) or 1920*1080 (9-inch Nook HD)” into resolution column.

Step 4: convert iTunes file to Nook HD

Start the iTunes to Nook HD MP4 conversion by clicking the “Start” button. When the process is done, press folder icon on the left of “Shout down PC when finished” to find converted iTunes video. Then transfer iTunes movies to Nook HD.

It’s so simple. You can play iTunes on Nook HD freely.

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